About BBF

About Us

Buyer's Best Friend started out in 2010 as the world's largest catalog of wholesale specialty and natural products.  But consumers kept asking if they can buy product, so we opened an ecommerce store to ship products to consumers who weren't near retailers that carried them.  To help out, we offer $5 flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States.

BBF also offers delivery to offices in the San Francisco bay area and we supply 100s of offices with snacks, beverages, refrigerated products, fruit and more.

Who We Are

Founded in 2010 in San Francisco by foodie insider Joyce Guan and Google engineer Adam Sah, Buyer’s Best Friend was launched from the back room of a restored Victorian on Haight Street in San Francisco as a resource for the wholesale food trade. With their insider’s grasp of the gourmet food industry, Buyer’s Best Friend’s experienced team quickly built the world’s largest wholesale catalog of unique foods, kitchenware and personal products.

Buyers from large and small organizations equally passionate about quality - Whole Foods Markets, Nordstrom’s Espresso Bars, Google's corporate campus, and independent retailers such as Bi-Rite Market and Zingerman’s, among others - immediately recognized Buyer’s Best Friend’s ability to match artisan producers with the needs of their consumers. With this strong base, Buyer’s Best Friend quickly developed a nationwide reputation as the go-to source for delicious, well-crafted and hard-to-find foods, kitchenware and amazing gifts from the Bay Area, the United States and beyond.

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